Anticipated Project Timeframe (fill in all applicable information)


    Financial Statements

    OCCIF requires the submission of this additional information for its FEASIBILITY review. All documents must be
    prepared using a recent release of recognized accounting software (i. e. QuickBooks©) and document generation software
    (WORD©). You are to include:

    Profit & Loss statements demonstrating:
    • Last 3 complete years and current year-to-date

    • All regular income, capital campaign income, other restricted income

    • All income from planting grants, if exists, and duration of grant

    • All regular operational expenses, salaries, rent/mortgage, capital expenditures

    Balance Sheets demonstrating:

    Last 3 complete years and current year-to-date

    Current Mortgage:

    Copy of most current mortgage statement

    Title Record:

    Provide information concerning any known entity possessing a share in the title of your real property, in addition to your current mortgage holder, as listed on your current mortgage statement.

    DIGITAL SIGNATURES (Submitted by (current corporate officer):

    The submission of a FEASIBILITY APPLICATION does not guarantee an approval of a loan. Additional information may be requested from time to time to assist in the review of any application. Information submitted to OCCIF shall be considered confidential and shall not be shared. All information submitted shall be considered truthful and current. OCCIF reserves the right to reject any application.

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