John Della Monica Jr., Director, OCCIF

One of the founding members of OCCIF, John is a licensed architect and formerly a partner at Della Monica Synder Artchitects, a business which operated in the State of California for over 28 years. Currently John is working with the City of Lodi as Community Development Director, where he oversees a variety of projects, including work on homelessness issues in Lodi.
John has been deeply involved in the Orthodox Church, and is a 25 year member of the Mission Board of the Diocese of the West, Orthodox Church in America. As part of his work with the OCA, John traveled extensively throughout the Western United States, serving developing missions, established parishes and monastic communities. During his travels, it became clear that funding sources to support the Church’s expansion was a constant problem for all groups.
OCCIF was formed by John and others in the Orthodox Church to help deal with this ongoing issue for Orthodox Churches and Institutions. Although it took many years and many gifted and tenacious volunteers, today OCCIF is a Federal and State qualified nonprofit that works to grow the Orthodox Church in the United States. John continues to work with OCCIF as a board member and as part of the OCCIF Loan Committee.


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