Investing in OCCIF

We Change the World. How?

OCCIF is the leading provider of funding for capital improvement projects for all Orthodox Christian Institutions in the United States.

We bring together Investors for qualified loans to Orthodox Institutions within all canonical Orthodox jurisdictions.

Individuals can invest as little as $5,000, or as low as $25,000 for Orthodox Institutions.

Rates of return are now 3%, 3.5%, and 4%.

How OCCIF works


An Ethically Responsible
Financial Investment

We provide capital improvement loans solely to Orthodox Christian Churches, Missions, Monasteries and Institutions in the United States.

All loans are guaranteed by first position, so your capital investment is secured with the church’s real estate.

Earned income from all OCCIF loans goes back into the OCCIF loan pool for new loans.

Please note: Any investment is not without risk. This communication does not constitute a solicitation to invest.

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