Ben Anderson Board Member, OCCIF

Ben Anderson brings decades of leadership and construction experience to OCCIF. After a distinguished career in the United States Navy, Ben’s re-entry into civilian life started in the Energy industry and from there developed into a private consulting practice specializing in energy and construction projects. Today Ben is Manager of Facility & Energy Projects for the Naval Federal Credit Union, and manages several hundred millions worth of construction projects. What drew Ben to OCCIF was the passion he found with our Board of Directors. “I met (Popadija) Kitty Vitko and then later Father John Dresko,” said Ben. “I was impressed by their passion for OCCIF, and how OCCIF could help grow the Orthodox Church. OCCIF is working on changing how the Church approaches capital improvement loans, which I think is great.”
Ben is looking forward to working with OCCIF to help guide the Church towards a better understanding of finances. “I think there is room for honoring the values and traditions of the Church, while at the same time integrating new ways of thinking about Church finances,” said Ben. “Just by integrating a simple act of savings – from making tithing envelopes optional to grouping together cell plans for a state-wide jurisdictions – you can make a positive fiscal impact on your Church and positively change attitudes about financial planning.”


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