Saint Luke Orthodox Church, McLean, VA.

At the invitation of V. Rev. John Vitko, Rector of Saint Luke and Chancellor of the Diocese of Washington D. C. we came prepared to introduce OCCIF to the clergy and faithful of the Diocese. Presided over by His Beatitude, Metropolitan Tikhon, our presentation was well received, leading to an outstanding question and answer period between all in attendance.
Great fruit was produced during our visit, as a member parish of the Diocese joined the growing list participates in our loan programs. This action helps build a broader foundation from which OCCIF can support the parishes, missions and institutions of our Holy Church with their growth.
“If a parish makes an investment in OCCIF, they are contributing directly to church growth, and if it helps a parish let’s say in Seattle, it’s going to help Santa Rosa too; because if one is getting stronger, then we’re all getting stronger”.
Rev. Lawrence Margitich
Protection of the Holy Virgin Orthodox Church Santa Rosa, CA
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