All About OCCIF

The leading provider of funding for Orthodox capital improvement projects

The Orthodox Church Capital Improvement Fund (OCCIF) began as a concept over a decade ago with a simple question:

“How can we make church building funds more easily and readily available to the Orthodox Church?”

Over the years this idea was refined and came into fruition with OCCIF’s first loans to St. Seraphim Orthodox Church in Santa Rosa, CA and the Monastery of St. John in Manton, CA.

Since then OCCIF has provided financial support and expertise to many churches in the many jurisdictions of the Orthodox Church throughout America.

Here are some of OCCIF’s statistics:

$4,500,000 in loans to Orthodox Churches, Mission, Monasteries and Institutions.

Over 20,000 hours of volunteer work and professional

expertise provided to those we serve.

1,500+ Orthodox Institutions subscribe to OCCIF communications

40 States do business with OCCIF, with more to come.

1 GOAL: Growing the Orthodox Church throughout America.

Meet the OCCIF Board of Directors

OCCIF Marketing

OCCIF Loan Committee

Shelby Staszewsky, Linda Koshell, Kathy Pieracci, Catherine Mandell, John Della Monica (Advisory Member)

OCCIF Outside Legal Council

Contact: (206) 757-8002

OCCIF Accounting Assurance Firm

Contact: (209) 473-1040

OCCIFLoan Underwriting Consultants

Contact: (877) 445-4186

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